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My name is Terry Hounsome.

I was born in Abingdon Berkshire England, my mother moved back to Southampton when I was 2 weeks old.

I lived in Southampton for the first 40 years of my life,

I started writing, compiling and publishing rock discography books in 1978 when my first effort the little known Rock Master was spawned. It was a terrible heap of crap to be honest and it was difficult to give them away. I learned my lesson made sure that the next book was more comprehensive and complete. This was the first Rock Record in 1979, An A5 self printed book which sold far more copies than I ever could have dreamed at that time.

I signed a publishing deal with Blandford press and they published the next 3 books New Rock Record 1/2/3, these were published in the USA by fact on file with in some cases a different cover

1988, when I moved to west Wales. I started my own publishing business in 1990 and published Single File. In 1991 I regained the rights from Blandford Press and published the 4th edition of Rock Record.

1994 saw the 6th edition of Rock Record.

I was approached by a small computer company to produce a CD ROM version of the books that was Hounsome's Rockbase 1 and RockBase plus v2. That contract finished in 1998

The 7th edition of Rock Record is the latest book

I have also published 7 versions of the CD ROM since my contract with rockbase finished, Rockfile 3, and recordFile 4./ 5 & 6 and RockRom 7 Pro(Sept 2001) and RockRom 8 July 2002 and RockRom 9 Sept 2003

We are based in the remote countryside of west Wales on the coast of Cardigan Bay

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